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Los eventos del desafío

 A charity motorcycle event that’s different.

There are all sorts of creative fundraising ideas out there, so why not do something completely new in 2022 /23. You’re perhaps bored of sponsored walks and tired of coffee mornings, which are the usual kind of events that fundraisers take part in. Why not take part in The Kruger 100 Charity Challenge instead. Help the organisations close to our heart and get sponsored to take part in an amazing trip around Britain and across Europe, like never before. Make your trip into one of the best charity adventures you have ever done!

Usually when someone asks for sponsorship, they’re doing some kind of run or walk etc., which is great, but when you tell people you’re taking part in visiting 100 zoos across Europe on a motorbike the response is most likely going to be – “you’re mad”. Although it’s not compulsory to take part in all the different legs, it’s great to see that well over a third of the enquiries already want to have a go at the whole thing.



It is all about raising funds for our cause. Adding to the trip is your own challenge of raising a target donation of £250 which is the only caviat to joining and will go towards our ultimate fundraising goal. Obviously there is no upper limit and the most amounts individually raised will take away some great prizes (it's good healthy competion)

'No Good Deed Goes Un-Rewarded' so our aim is celebrate your commitment and efforts to the challenge by way of some awesome packages and prizes (which we couldn't do without the amazing support of our sponsors bringing us an astounding assortment of prizes for our top fundraisers).

You can raise the money either in the good old-fashioned way, by just asking friends, family etc.or you could use your bike to its full potential. Get businesses to sponsor you in return for you putting their company name out there on your panniers etc. Lots of people will see it on this epic journey so it’s fantastic publicity for the companies sponsoring you!


Once your registered we advise you how to set up your own personal fundraising campaign.


We know that this should be all about having fun, but we do need a few rules!


This cannot be emphasised enough, so here it is at the top of the list. THIS IS NOT A RACE! All participants are advised to ride safely and at all times obey the rules and regulations for the country you are in. It is up to you to ensure that you are fully up to date with the driving requirements for the country in question. Some countries require you to carry certain equipment. We will provide you with a driving guide prior to commencement of each event; however, this may not be an exhaustive list. Extra care is needed when driving in Europe. Not all drivers adhere to the good practices we experience in the UK.

Insurance and M.O.T.

The bike must be in a roadworthy condition and must have a valid M.O.T certificate. It is up to you ensure that your bike is fit for the run. All riders must be covered by their own insurance (incl Europe if participating in these legs).

Driving License & Passport:

All riders from the UK must have a valid UK driving license and insurance (on a road legal motorcycle). Any event entrant must also have a valid passport for travelling between countries (mainly for leaving and re-entering the UK).

Event Support:

Motorcycles may break down or you may collect a puncture (invariably they always break down when you least expect it) so we will have a support vehicle and trailer to assist where possible, but please be aware that any costs incurred will be the rider’s own responsibility and it may be decided to bring in an outside assistance if problem to great for our team to rectify.

How To Take Part in the ‘Kruger 100’

The events will be taking place throughout the next three years in different formats to comply with logistical challenges and locations.



We are currently taking bookings for the 2024/25 legs of our challenge. Please click on the 'JOIN US' button below each event further down the page to complete the registration form to be part of this extraordinary event. Simply complete the form with all the relevant details and we’ll need a £50 payment to make sure you are serious!!! Have a quick read through our registration guide, complete the form, pay your deposit and you are on your way!  Places may be limited and are based on a first come first served basis. Once we have received your registration form, and you have paid your deposit, your place on the rally will be guaranteed. If you have any questions prior to registration, contact us today.


ENTRANCE FEES: These will vary due to the nature of each event and what it may entail. 

A Set Fee for each rider, + £75.00 extra for a pillion .

All UK event registrations require a £50.00 non-refundable deposit to be paid upon completion (Any European legs will require a non-reundable deposit of £150.00). Upon payment, your place on the event will then be guaranteed and your name will appear on the site shortly afterwards.

* The South African Ride-Out will be a completely different proposition and have its own registration etc 


  • An 'Kruger 100' branded T-Shirt, an exclusive 'Kruger 100' embroidered patch, a lapel pin and bike sicker

  • A 'Sponsor Me' pack to help you raise money

  • Full and comprehensive information for each event

  • Mobile numbers of the organisers for any issues en route

  • A promise … We'll have fun, see some places and learn a lot!!!


Our travel partners will book all your hotels for you. By doing this it means that everyone is together leading to far greater camaraderie and hence a much better experience. After completing registration for the event the outstanding amount must be paid within thirty days so that we can secure your accommodation, etc

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE ANY SLEEPING CONCERNS AS WE Will MOST LIKELY BE SHARING ROOMS TO KEEP COSTS DOWN: In some countries a 3 person room compromises of a single bed (sometimes in the form of a guest or a foldout bed) and a large double bed with either a one piece or 2 piece mattress that can be separated in some instances (BUT NOT ALL). A triple room means a large double bed with a single bunk above. Any participant not comfortable with this arrangement or bed configuration can pay for an extra room.The cost of a single room will be around £90 per night. If you would prefer this arrangement, please mention it in the comments box (only a small number of single rooms are available).


In the event that you do sadly need to cancel, your momey will be refunded less the initial £50 non-refundable deposit and any costs incurred that would deem us out of pocket due to this.We would accept a substition to take your place at no additioanl cost 

Desafío del zoológico del Reino Unido

UK Zoos Route 1.png

Desafío del zoológico de Francia


El desafío del zoológico de Holanda


Rest Of Europe Zoos Challenge 2025


El último desafío de motocicletas de Sudáfrica 


Desafío del zoológico de Alemania


My Kruger Bush Walk Challenge

France Zoos Route 3.png
The Kruger 100 T-shirt.jpg
Netherlands Zoos Route 2.png
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